This Video of Donald Trump Missing a Short Putt and Then Quitting Is a Perfect Metaphor for the Administration – GQ Magazine

December 11, 2018 Admin3915 0

Donald Trump’s administration has been a disaster in so many ways that it’s hard to accurately put into words just how bad things have gotten. You have the lack of any domestic-policy wins for Trump and company, Robert Mueller’s ongoing Russia investigation (bye, Manafort!) that seems to finally be bearing fruit, his dick-measuring contest with Kim Jong-un, his use of racist rhetoric, and his constant need to threaten the freedom of the press. How do you sum all that up in a single metaphor? Is it like the Hindenburg disaster? I mean, that’s German, so it definitely captures part of it, but it doesn’t totally work. After all, there was a moment when people thought the Hindenburg would be incredible. The same cannot be said READ MORE