The Case of the Missing President — in House Debates – Roll Call

December 17, 2018 Admin3915 0

OPINION — Judging from two House debates this week in hotly contested races on both sides of the country, you would think that the president of the United States was a shadowy, off-stage figure whose personality and politics are barely worth discussing. Even “The Invisible Man” of the 1897 H.G. Wells novel and the 1933 Claude Rains movie had more of a corporal presence than Donald Trump. During the one-hour debate in Utah’s 4th district in suburban Salt Lake City, the word Trump was not mentioned until the 45-minute mark when the moderator blurted out the president’s name in a question on tariffs. Describing herself as “a free trader,” two-term GOP incumbent Mia Love avoided using the T-word (Trump, not tariffs) while vaguely boasting that she READ MORE