Donald Trump’s Dirk Diggler moment, and a new alias for Boss Madigan

March 9, 2018 Admin3915 0

Raffaele Raia, the Italian philosopher — and my barber — says that politics never really changes. Politics is stubborn, like an angry jackass with shampoo on its head. Shampoo? “Oh, you’ve never heard this one?” asked Raffaele, clicking his scissors. I’ve used Raffaele’s pearls of wisdom in the past. And many know I have a weakness for parables involving politicians and gaseous donkeys. Raffaele said his parable comes in a rough Neapolitan dialect that I wouldn’t understand. So tell it to me in English. “OK, here goes: If you shampoo the head of a jackass, you’re wasting water, soap and time,” said Raia. It’s a lesson in futility. And it’s also quite futile to expect jackasses, or humans, to change their nature. With less than READ MORE