A shirtless fan interrupted Game 4 with ‘Trump Sucks’ written on his body – SB Nation

December 10, 2018 Admin3915 0

While the Cavaliers and Warriors played out the end of the fourth quarter, by which time the game was already decided, cameras panned to the stands and zoomed in on players’ faces. They all expressed a sense of confusion. What you didn’t see was that the game was momentarily stopped due to a fan running on the court. The broadcast made the decision to not film this person. Luckily, the security at the Q quickly subdued the running fan and escorted him to the tunnel. But details of the event quickly spread throughout Twitter. The fan took his shirt off, revealing that he painted “TRUMP SUCKS” on his chest. On his back, he wrote “LEBRON 4 PREZ.” The fan is Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, and he has been READ MORE

Panel Questions – WBUR

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Shirtless fan paints ‘Trump Sucks’ on his chest, storms court during NBA Finals – Hamilton Journal News

December 5, 2018 Admin3915 0

CLEVELAND, OHIO — A shirtless man ran onto the floor during Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday night with a political message scrawled across his chest. >> Read more trending stories The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers were facing off in Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena when the man ran onto the court. He interrupted the game just minutes into play, Cleveland.com reported . Security quickly tackled the man and escorted him off the court. On his chest were the words “Trump Sucks.” On his back were the words “LeBron 4 President,” according to Cleveland.com. The Warriors went on to win the match 108-87, giving them a 3-1 lead in the series.

Late summer polls starting to show possible election results – The Republic

December 3, 2018 Admin3915 0

We are heading into that stretch of the election cycle where distinct trend lines begin to take shape. It was August 1994, 2006 and 2010 when the contours of those wave elections became more recognizable in polling. While voter intensity in polls has been more meaningful up to this point, the congressional generics begin to carry more heft in August and September. The anomaly was the historic 2016 election when many pollsters, pundits and, yes, even Republican nominee Donald Trump himself, were convinced that Hillary Clinton would be the next president. That all changed around 9 on Election Night when the epic Trump upset came into focus. This cycle, President Trump absolutely dominates all things politics. This election will essentially be a referendum on his READ MORE

Fox News Calls Sean Hannity’s Trump Appearance an ‘Unfortunate Distraction’ – Variety

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November 6, 2018 9:35AM PT Fox News Channel said it did not condone host Sean Hannity’s appearance Monday night during President Donald Trump’s campaign rally and called the episode “an unfortunate distraction.” Hannity on Monday night was called up to the stage by President Trump at an event held in Missouri, and then told the audience that reporters in attendance to cover it “are fake news.” “Fox News does not condone any talent participating in campaign events,” the 21st Century Fox-owned news network said in a statement. “We have an extraordinary team of journalists helming our coverage tonight and we are extremely proud of their work. This was an unfortunate distraction and has been addressed.” A spokeswoman for the parent company referred an inquiry to READ MORE

The ever-growing list of people Donald Trump says should be jailed – Washington Post

November 29, 2018 Admin3915 0

Prison is always creeping into President Trump’s thoughts. On Twitter, in interviews, at campaign rallies, the president is constantly referencing jail or crimes punishable by time inside a cramped cell. It is not that Trump is focusing on how two members of his inner circle — Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort — are looking at serious prison sentences. Rather, Trump’s mind is constantly zeroing in on allegations and felonious innuendos related to his enemies. It seems that if you are on the president’s bad side, jail or prison is where you belong. Trump generally fires off these claims despite having zero obvious evidence of any actual illegal behavior. Wednesday was a good example. On Trump’s Twitter page, the president shared a meme from a supporter’s READ MORE

Architect of bin Laden raid: Trump ‘threatens the Constitution’ when he attacks the media – CNN

November 29, 2018 Admin3915 0

“I did not back Hillary Clinton or anyone else,” McRaven, who oversaw the operation that killed Osama bin Laden, told CNN. “I am a fan of President Obama and President George W. Bush, both of whom I worked for. I admire all presidents, regardless of their political party, who uphold the dignity of the office and who use that office to bring the nation together in challenging times.” “I stand by my comment that the President’s attack on the media is the greatest threat to our democracy in my lifetime,” McRaven said, referencing remarks he made about Trump last year. “When you undermine the people’s right to a free press and freedom of speech and expression, then you threaten the Constitution and all for which READ MORE

“It’s Our Job to Call Them Out”: Inside the Trump Gold Rush at CNN – Vanity Fair

November 28, 2018 Admin3915 0

Trump makes a promotional appearance in Chicago for his new cologne ‘The Fragrance’ with The Apprentice winner Bill Rancic in 2004. By Scott Harrison/Getty Images. One late summer evening, the inner sanctum of the media-entertainment vortex descended upon the expansive garden of David Zaslav’s $25 million East Hampton estate, where the well-connected Discovery C.E.O. hosts an annual Labor Day party. This year’s guest list comprised the standard liberal in-crowd: Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Bon Jovi, Oprah, Alec Baldwin, Barry Diller , Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Katie Couric, to name a few. They were treated to a performance by Earth, Wind & Fire, who belted out “September” after the sun went down. But there was another set of famous faces mingling in the crowd—the people whose READ MORE

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Online anger is gold to this junk-news pioneer – PBS NewsHour

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Cyrus Massoumi: They want like 250-word, like little hit them and go. It’s like — basically like a coke addict. Every hour, he just needs to get that little dopamine rush. Like, a fan on the conservative side or the liberal side needs to take out their phone, look at it, oh, Trump sucks. Trump sucks, so bad. All right, all right, I’m done, I’m done, and then, right? Like, that’s it. That’s it.

Trump Sucks

Bannon: Trump Sucks Up to Putin So He Can Help Inner Cities – New York Magazine

November 28, 2018 Admin3915 0

Donald Trump and Russian friends, playing the long game for urban America’s benefit. Donald Trump’s loyalists have developed a series of explanations for his combination of opaque financial ties to, and persistent defenses of, Vladimir Putin. But Steve Bannon, in his 60 Minutes interview, has outdone them all for sheer outlandish smarm. According to the erstwhile chief strategist, Trump’s Russophilia is merely an outgrowth of his desire to lavish spending on urban America: CHARLIE ROSE: Why does the president find it so hard to criticize Russia? STEVE BANNON: Charlie, let — this is what stuns me. I don’t think the president goes out of his way — what his point is, why pick another fight? We’ve got enough problems around the world. CHARLIE ROSE: So don’t READ MORE